Boneo Winter CDI – Event Wrap Up



Press Release 20th June

Victoria’s rainstorm tested all riders competing at the Boneo Winter CDI over the past weekend, however this did not stop our Grand Prix riders from performing at their best. The competition hosted at Boneo Park offered our Australian based Grand Prix riders their final opportunity to ride a qualifying 69% + score for the

possible chance to be selected for the upcoming World Equestrian Games (WEG).

Selection will see the top 4 Australian dressage riders given the opportunity to represent their country and make the long commute to North Carolina, United States for the World Equestrian Games.

Saturday’s competition did not disappoint with many braving the cold weather to watch the top athletes in the Equestrian Australia CDI-W Grand Prix. Alexis Hellyer riding Bluefields Floreno performed beautifully with the winning test, scoring 70.478%. Brett Parbery received his third qualifying score on DP Weltmieser, placing him in second place with 70.435%. Third place went to Judy Dierks and Diamond Star on 69.348%. First day of results saw Alexis Hellyer, Judy Dierks, Shannon Goodwin and Brett Parbery all receive scores above 69%.

Day two of the CDI-W Grand Prix saw horse and rider combinations riding in sync to carefully crafted music. With all riders hoping their freestyle test would catch

the eyes of the judges and selectors. The selection of music across the freestyle tests included staples like Roxane from

 Moulin Rouge, music from the Hunger Games movie, Bruno Mars Uptown Funk and a variety of more traditional music.

Brett Parbery’s freestyle test proved to be best with an upbeat, engaging and accurate presentation on DP Weltmisser scoring 74.610%. The test beautifully ridden and in-time making the horse appear as if he was listening and dancing to the music.

Second place in the freestyle went to Alexis Hellyer scoring 71.625% with her stallion performing well to the aids and tasks asked of him. Third place went to Rozzie Ryan and Jarrah R an experienced rider that performed a graceful and elegant test.

A competitive field with seven riders receiving a score of over 70%. The selectors have their work cut out for them as they prepare to make a selection in the upcoming months.

More Results: Advanced Championship went to Jacqui Librio sponsored by Team Haythorpe. Big tour Championship went to Heather Curry who also won the Elementry Championship. Jasmine Haynes won the CDI-J Championships and the CDI-P Championships.

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