QLV Group acquires Boneo Park Equestrian Centre on the Mornington Peninsula

QLV is delighted to announce its acquisition of the iconic Boneo Park Equestrian Centre, a 340-hectare property encompassing pristine wetlands and woodlands, nestled in the heart of Victoria’s picturesque Mornington Peninsula.

QLV is an Australian-owned tourism, leisure, and sport facility developer whose mission is to rejuvenate regional communities through projects that enhance their unique cultural, heritage and natural strengths.

QLV Co-Founder and CEO, Danny Marwood said “QLV’s vision for Boneo Park was to build upon the solid foundations of its world-class equestrian facilities and Arilla restaurant, while honouring the park’s breathtaking landscape of wetlands, woodlands and coastal plains. 

Our ambitious plans for Boneo Park include an expansion of equestrian events, and developing additional facilities that will enhance visitor experience. Our aim is to really cement the park’s status as Australia’s premier equestrian centre.

“Our approach will be to boost the property’s equestrian focus, and introduce new leisure and commercial features that will increase visitor and community engagement, take a more active role in threatened species recovery, and provide enriching benefits to Boneo Park’s dedicated staff.”

In line with QLV’s environmental, social and governance values, the preservation and improvement of the property’s important wetlands will be a key priority. The company has assigned a dedicated environmental team to support restoration of the current natural habitat, promote biodiversity, create educational and interpretation opportunities, and implement programs that seek to recover threatened species.

QLV is grateful to the McNaught family, for their instrumental role in realising the dream of the Boneo Park Equestrian Centre, and for their tireless efforts in preserving the biodiversity of the Tootgarook wetlands.

We are excited about the future of Boneo Park. We are wholeheartedly committed to elevating its international reputation to new heights.”

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